How Much Should I Order?

To answer this question, it all depends on where you are in your life journey and what personal goals you are trying to meet. 

Maybe you just want to enjoy a fresh, locally grown salad loaded with flavor with a meal every now and then. If so, maybe an 8-ounce bag a week will suffice. Or maybe you are seriously trying to ramp up your nutritional intake and want the most “nutritional bang for your buck.” 

Based on our personal research from evidence-based sources we aim to eat a minimum of 2 servings of greens every day. 

Suggested daily servings per person:

Greens (raw) 2 servings. Each serving = 1 cup, one cup = 1 oz

1 cup = 1 oz1 person2 people3 people4 people
Daily supply2 oz4 oz 6 oz8 oz
Weekly supply14 oz28 oz42 oz56 oz


How much to order to meet the suggested intake of greens per week:

1 person2 people3 people4 people
1 – 16 oz bag2 – 16 oz bags3 – 16 oz bags3 – 16 bags + 1 – 8 oz bag


Maybe you are facing challenges to your health like cancer or a debilitating autoimmune disease and seriously want to make leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables a major part of a therapeutic diet. We would like to join you in your journey of healing by providing organically-grown, nutrient-dense foods to help you in your fight against disease. Contact us for special pricing providing deep discounts for those who require large amounts of produce. 

Don’t forget to include tasty, nutritional additions to your salad. No salad would be complete without some crunchy radishes, mildly-sweet salad turnips, flavorful carrots, and amazing broccoli. Spice things up a bit by adding green onions or dill. Let your mind be at ease knowing that all produce from Toppled Barn Farm is delivered to you fresh, and free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Delivery Tips


You may place your order any time between Sunday evening and Friday evening at your convenience. Stock is updated Sunday afternoon for the week. We harvest Sunday and deliver Monday. To be included in that week’s delivery, you must order before 5:00 pm the previous Friday.


We are not responsible for produce once it’s delivered. Place a cooler in a shaded area out of the wind if possible. Place a freezer pack in your cooler on warm days to keep your produce chilled until you get home. Make sure your cooler is large enough to hold your order.


If you have an extra fridge in your garage and don’t mind us entering, text your preference for this delivery option with your garage code to (316) 832-8982.


We cannot give exact delivery times only estimates due to travel times, number of deliveries on a particular day, etc.


Share delivery fees with friends and neighbors by having one drop off location.


 If you would like to receive weekly text messages to your smartphone, text your first and last name to 316-832-8982. Each text comes out every Wednesday evening. 

Delivery Fees 

Green Zone

Groups of 5 or more get free delivery to one location.

$5.00 delivery fee for single orders delivered to the following zip codes:

Andover 67002   

Augusta 67010     

Derby 67037

Douglass 67039     

Mulvane 67110         

Rock 67131                 

Rose Hill 67133         

Udall 67146           

Wichita 67210 – East of McConnell AFB, 67207, 67230, 67232


Blue Zones

Groups of 10 or more get free delivery to one location.

$10.00 delivery fee for single orders delivered to the following zip codes:

El Dorado 67042

Wichita 67202 , 67206, 67208, 67210 – West of McConnell AFB, 67211, 67216, 67217, 67218, 67226

For deliveries outside of green and blue zones email us at or text (316) 832-8982.

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