How Not to Take a Summer Break

How Not to Take a Summer Break

Written by Ondrea

July 29, 2020

What were we thinking? We thought we would take it easy this summer.

We’ve been at this long enough to know the work is never finished on a farm, something is always needing to be done. But we still looked forward to just a little relaxation time, maybe a weekend road trip or two.

However, best laid plans…

Just like the weeds around here, the to-do list never stops growing!

We don’t want to bore you with all the menial tasks, but there are some special projects we’d like to share.

Cover Crops

In order to provide our customers with nutritious vegetables, taking care of the soil is a top priority. Things that grow uptake nutrients from the soil. If the soil is lifeless and depleted, the plants will not get what they need. And when you bite into such vegetables you will notice they are not as flavorful as those grown in rich soil.

One way to help the soil is by planting cover crops. It’s a green carpet of living compost crowding out weeds as it grows.

It also provides nutrients to the hungry microbes below the soil surface. Snuggled in their shaded, moist habitat, the microbes digest roots and decaying matter turning them into nutrients the plants can uptake in the perfect form to be absorbed into our bodies nourishing every cell.

Throughout the process we took pictures so you could visualize what’s going on.

Wood Chips

We do not own a tractor or any other large farm equipment. Everything we do is by hand. Including moving soil and…wood chips.

After the cover crops were done, the next job was to redo the paths between our grow beds and lay down wood chips to create a mud-free zone to walk on.

First, the soil was dug out of all the paths. For he paths are 80 feet long and there are six of them in each high tunnel.

Then for the wood chips. They are delivered and the only thing left is move them one shovelful at a time to their new home.

The work is hard, but it keeps out of us trouble! We wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Summer Fun

We still managed to squeeze in a couple of road trips. A quick trip to Texas for our nephew’s high school graduation and we traveled to Missouri to visit with our oldest son, Christopher Jr over the 4th of July weekend.

Before we know it, summer will be over!

And More

Two more hightunnels are being installed at the time of this writing. And we get to mark out the beds, dig out the paths, and fill them with woodchips too. But more on that next time!

Until then,

Chris and Ondrea

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