Salad Mix is Back!

Toppled Barn Farm Salad Mix

Written by Ondrea

April 6, 2021

We are happy to announce that we have Salad Mix again!

We love Salad Mix! We love to grow it. Picking it and seeing how gorgeous it looks packaged up in clear bags is the highlight of my harvest day. We love to eat it and hope you will too!

If you are not familiar with Toppled Barn Farm’s custom blended Salad Mix, read on:

The Salad Mix begins when we plant several varieties of greens. They are grown with care and then harvested, mixed, and packaged fresh to ensure you get the maximum nutrition possible.

The Salad Mix is seasonal. The combination changes with the seasons. Cold tolerant varieties during fall, winter, and spring and heat tolerant varieties in summer.

The Salad Mix looks great on your plate, or even better, in a large bowl. It is colorful with a variety of greens, reds, and purple. The different shapes and textures contribute interest and loft holding up to your favorite dressing.

The Salad Mix is nutritious. There are brassicas (plants from the broccoli family) along with more familiar spinach and leaf lettuces. The different colors provide for ample anthocyanin intake. (Anthocyanins are phytonutrients from plants that support your health in many ways. A quick Google search will reveal the many benefits they provide).

Most of all, the Salad Mix just tastes good!

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