Saving Their Lives by Saying “Goodnight”

Saving Their Lives by Saying Goodnight

Written by Ondrea

May 18, 2021

Since losing our two Great Pyrenees guardian dogs, Molly and Clark, the other animals at Toppled Barn Farm are left vulnerable to predators like hawks, owls, opossums, skunks, raccoons, and coyotes.

Just last week, three chickens disappeared in two days. A couple of black tail feathers left behind from one of our beautiful roosters was not enough evidence to determine the culprit.

On the third day, I heard the guineas crying their warning signal and ran out the door to find a coyote running around in our front yard. Mystery solved. The guineas chased him off without a loss this time, but we knew the coyote would be back soon to try and get another easy meal.

To save the rest of the chickens from certain death, we did the only thing we could on such short notice. We asked our kind neighbors for help. Thankfully, they agreed to take in our chickens and house them in a large coop with an attached run.

Chickens are much easier to catch after dusk as their eyes can’t adjust to the darkness rendering them practically blind. They become completely docile and easy to pick up.

So, that same evening, right after the chickens went to roost in the coop, we placed them in a pet carrier and drove them to our neighbors. We placed our sweet feathered friends on their new roost and said “goodnight.”

When the sun rose the next morning, and they could see again in the morning light, the chickens found themselves in their new home.

We really miss hearing the roosters crow and having our chickens free-range around our property devouring bugs. But at least they are safe and protected from predator’s sharp teeth.

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