Toppled Barn Farm Salad Mix

Toppled Barn Farm Salad Mix

Written by Ondrea

December 29, 2020

At Toppled Barn Farm, we are very passionate about greens. We love planting them, watering them, harvesting them, and especially eating them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all the colors and textures through the clear plastic bags lined up and ready for delivery. Knowing that all those healthy, just-picked greens will be in your fridges and on your tables soon is a very good feeling!

We wanted our Salad Mix to be good looking, tasty, and full of nutrition. That’s why we browsed the seed catalogs looking for the perfect combination.

The first ingredient was arugula. We have enjoyed its spicy flavor since we first tasted it in a salad mix from the store years ago. Thankfully, the back of the bag had pictures so we could figure out which leaf it was that tasted so good. Then it was a race to see who could find the arugula leaves and eat them first. Sometimes, we played nice and shared with each other. That was the beginning of our love for greens.

Then, we wanted to include greens from the cabbage family. Everyone knows that any plant related to broccoli has to be good for you, right? That’s how red Pac Choi, Chinese cabbage, tatsoi, and green mizuna mustard got added to the mix.

Spinach is always good. The large, succulent leaves taste sweet in the winter after they have been exposed to cold weather. Like now.

And kale is all the rage, and if not, it still should be. We chose a red Russian variety that is great eaten raw in salads. The stems are reddish and the cold winter temperatures bring out even more reddish-purple color in the tender leaves.

Lastly, to round out the mix, we chose a healthy mix of baby romaine and leaf lettuces. They add more color and texture with mild flavors that balance out the strong flavors of the other greens.

We hope you enjoy our Salad Mix as much as we do!

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