Will We Have a Summer Season?

Will We Have a Summer Season

Written by Ondrea

April 28, 2021

We’ve had a number of you asking if we will continue growing this summer.

Last summer we took a break to build up our soil a bit by growing some cover crops in our two existing hightunnels. Also, Our last two hightunnels were finished in late July and we needed extra time to prepare the beds for growing.

In deciding what we will do this summer we have to consider some limiting factors.

  1. Weather. We will see how high of temperatures will our usually cool-loving crops tolerate. We will phase out the most cold-loving greens and plant some warm tolerant ones.
  2. Insects. The insect netting on our hightunnels keeps out most harmful insects. But tiny ones, like aphids, still manage to get in. We will discontinue the most susceptible plants for the summer.
  3. Water. Gardening in the heat requires a vast amount of water compared to growing in cooler temps. Our well is not able to handle too much watering.

So, after considering these, the answer is YES! We plan on having produce for sale this summer.

But…(don’t you just hate the word “but”?) There will be a limited supply of greens. The Salad Mix will be different. We will grow radishes and turnips until the heat or aphids take them out, whichever comes first. The carrots will not be as tasty since they won’t experience the cold to bring out their sweetness. (However, I promise, they will still be better than what you can buy in the store!)

Growing this summer will be a new experiment for us and we welcome you to join us as we venture into unknown territory.

Thank you for supporting Toppled Barn Farm! We appreciate every one of you!!

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